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Personal Financial View (PFV)

Take advantage of our easy-to-use, web-based system designed to give you a single access point to securely view all of your financial accounts, tax and legal documents, and insurance coverages.




Investor360°, a secure and comprehensive platform that provides you with a consolidated view of all your accounts from one convenient location and from any device.   

Not a PFV or Investor360* user yet? 
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Wealthscape Investor 

Click above to access your investment and tax statements from National Financial custodied Brokerage Accounts. Directly held Mutual Funds, Annuities, and Insurance Products are NOT on this site.

American Funds 401k:

Click on the above link to sign onto your American Funds 401k retirement account.

American Funds SIMPLE IRA:

Click the above link for your American Funds SIMPLE IRA account.

Metlife and/or Brighthouse Financial E-Service  

Click here to access your Metlife and/or Brighthouse Financial Annuities, Life, Disability Income, Long-term Care Insurance. 



Please contact us for additional contact information or website links, if not listed above.